Classified Section Rules

1. General Site Guidelines apply in this section as well.

2. Post counts are turned off in the classified sections.

3. No selling items for other people, if you want to sell someone else's item have them register and list it.

4. Non-sponsor group purchase/sales need to be pre-approved before posting by site admin.

5. Start your own thread for the sale of an item. Do not hijack another member's thread.

5A. when including pictures in classified sales they must be posted on or hosted on a picture site (Photobucket etc). Pictures cannot be linked from competing sites where you are also selling.

6. Prices MUST be posted for all items in private party ads. Posting an item for a specific price plus obo is allowed. (Example: $500obo)

7. Navigate to the Good/Bad seller lists and trader feedback to report your transactions.

8. No "FEELER" or Gauging Interest threads are permitted. Post it for sale or not at all.

9. Thread dumping. Threads are for people to sell their items, not for you to inform them that you've seen the same item cheaper elsewhere, or that another product is better and cheaper. This is frowned on!

10. Complaining about lowballers. It's a fact of life that people are going to offer prices far lower than what you're asking. If this happens to you, a simple "no thanks" is all that's required, not a public lambasting of said buyer.

11. Weapons of any kind are not allowed. Paintball guns are allowed. No Knifes, brass knuckles, etc. - Anything with an Age Requirement cannot be sold here.
12. No pirated software or movies.

13. If you are caught violating the classified section rules you could be automatically banned for 5 days. These rules are here to protect all site members from fraud.

14. Excessive sales by members who only use the forum to post in the classifieds will be permanantly banned. (Excessive is subjectively defined through the site administration) Various sponsorships are available to sell in an unlimited manner. (Contact an Admin for sponsorship details)

15. Once your item(s) are sold, update price of item(s) as SOLD so users know to move on without wasting time. We've also given permission to user to be able to "close" their thread in this section so it can't be posted in any longer.

16. BUYER BEWARE! The buyer is responsible for determining if a item fits their application, it is not the sellers responsibility to do so. The seller