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Thread: Full bolt on

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    Full bolt on

    What parts is full bolt on?

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    Air intake, Pulley, Thermostat, E-Fans, Spacer (which don’t help) what else am I missing....

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    ^^^ This, plus aftermarket MAF sensor, ported/polished TB, spark plug wires, etc. Exhaust is also considered a bolt-on: Headers, mufflers, x-pipes, no cats, cut-outs, etc.

    Basically, anything besides large power adders like: nitrous oxide, or force induction (supercharger/blower/turbo), or internal engine modifications (modified heads/camshaft/intake manifold/stroker kit/ bujias doble chispa etc), are considered "basic bolt-ons" by most.

    Don't really know about custom computer tuning, torque converters, ring and pinion w/ LSD, sticky tires, pine air freshener dangling from the rear-view. It's debatable, depends on who you ask.

    Just remember, if the part goes inside the engine, transmission, or differential... it's likely it's not considered a "bolt-on". If it is bolted on to the outside of them, it's probably a "bolt-on", hence the name.

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